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The Ultimate List of Hunting Dog Names

Hello, fellow dog lovers!

Today, we’re going to delve into a topic that is both fun and often quite personal: choosing the right name for your hunting dog. Whether you’re seeking bird dog names, unique hunting dog names, or just badass names, we’ve got you covered!

As a dog trainer passionate about hunting breeds, I’ve come across numerous names that genuinely capture the spirit of these magnificent creatures. Be it gun or hunting dog names for males or females, the perfect name exists for every furry friend.

So, let’s dive into this adventurous pool of hunting dog names, perfect for your male, female, or a whole pack of dogs.

1. Gun Dog Names

For those sporting dogs like Retrievers, Spaniels, or Pointers, we’ve got an arsenal of gun dog names that suit them just right. For your new hunting partner, how about:

  • Pistol,
  • Trigger, or
  • Shotgun

Names like:

  • Magnum,
  • Bullet,
  • Cannon,
  • Wesson,
  • Blazer,
  • Remington,
  • Beretta,
  • Winchester,
  • Muzzle, and
  • Shooter fit the bill for gun dog names.

2. Hunting Dog Names Female

Female hunting dog names need to reflect your girl’s courage, strength, and determination. Here are some favorites:

  • Artemis,
  • Huntress, and
  • Valkyrie.

We suggest:

  • Luna,
  • Storm, or
  • Willow for those female lab-hunting dog names.

Consider hunting dog names such as:

  • Athena,
  • Echo,
  • Juno,
  • Nyx,
  • Zephyr,
  • Terra, and
  • Freya for your brave and determined girls.

3. Hunting Dog Names for Males

As for your boys, there are some cool hunting dog names male owners will love. What about:

  • Ranger,
  • Bullet, or
  • Buck?

Bold and fearless hunting dog names for males could include:

  • Bolt,
  • Chase,
  • Dash,
  • Fang,
  • Jäger (hunter in German),
  • Sniper,
  • Storm, or
  • Tracker.

4. Bird Dog Names

Is your dog specialized in bird hunting? Names like:

  • Falcon,
  • Hawk, or
  • Raven could be a perfect fit.

And let’s remember those unique female bird dog names like

  • Dove,
  • Sparrow, or
  • Kestrel.

For those avian hunters, consider bird dog names like:

  • Finch,
  • Robin,
  • Heron,
  • Pigeon, and
  • Swallow.

5. Badass Hunting Dog Names

Some dogs have that fierce, formidable aura. For them, badass hunting dog names male and female owners will love include names like Fury.

Badass hunting dog names like:

  • Titan,
  • Tank,
  • Thunder,
  • Viper,
  • Maverick,
  • Jaws,
  • Bruiser,
  • Phantom,
  • Tornado, and
  • Fang could be the perfect fit for dogs with a fierce and formidable demeanor.

6. Unique Hunting Dog Names

If you’re after something less conventional, try a unique girl-hunting dog name like Andromeda.

If you’re seeking less common names, also consider unique hunting dog names like:

  • Orion,
  • Sirius,
  • Atlas,
  • Nebula,
  • Vega,
  • Archer,
  • Pegasus,
  • Aquila,
  • Phoenix, and
  • Lyra.

7. Duck Hunting Dog Names

For those who love duck hunting, naming your dogs after your favorite activity is a great idea! For those who enjoy duck hunting, you might like:

  • Drake,
  • Duckie,
  • Mallard,
  • Teal,
  • Widgeon,
  • Pintail,
  • Ducky,
  • Egret,
  • Quacker,
  • Harlequin, or
  • Scaup as your dog’s name.

8. Hog Dog Names

If your loyal companion is a Hog hunting breed like the Blackmouth Cur or the Plott Hound, consider names like Hog.

If your loyal companion is a Hog hunting breed, consider names like:

  • Boar,
  • Tusker,
  • Razor,
  • Grunter,
  • Snouter,
  • Root,
  • Tusk,
  • Porcine,
  • Piggie, and
  • Hoggie.

9. Best Hunting Dog Names

And finally, some best hunting dog names that are always popular include:

  • Scout and
  • Trapper for boys and
  • Bella or
  • Sadie for girls.

And finally, always popular hunting dog names include:

  • Hunter,
  • Buck,
  • Chase,
  • Dash,
  • Bullet,
  • Shadow,
  • Ranger, and
  • Scout.

10. Famous Hunters and Gatherers Dog Names

Naming your dog after historical hunters or gatherers could be a unique way to reflect their hunting heritage. Try these on for size:

  • Artemis (Greek goddess of the hunt),
  • Orion (a mighty hunter in Greek mythology),
  • Diana (Roman goddess of the hunt),
  • Nimrod (a mighty hunter in the Bible),
  • Atalanta (a huntress in Greek mythology),
  • Hercules (a divine hero in Greek mythology known for his strength),
  • Apollo (Greek god of archery),
  • Actaeon (famous hunter in Greek myth),
  • Ajax (a Greek warrior in the Trojan War), and
  • Rigel (name of Orion’s brightest star).

Naming your dog can be a fun yet daunting task. The hunting dog names list is limitless! Whether you’re seeking male dog names hunting themed, hunting lab names, female gun dog names, or even good bird dog names, it’s all about getting to know your dog and choosing a name that fits.

I hope this list of hunting dog names has sparked some inspiration. And remember, whatever name you choose, it will become the sweetest sound for your loyal hunting companion.

Happy hunting and naming, folks!


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